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VMware: Deploy multiple VM’s from template with PowerCLI

January 16th, 2011 27 comments

Last week I was working on a new project, they asked me to install 5 new fileservers based on Windows 2008R2, I installed a new VM and converted it to a template, next I configured a template in “Customization Specifications Manager” with the following details:

Customization template:

Registration information: name company

Computer name: Use the virtual machine name (important)

Product key: Didn’t need it because I’ve configured KMS

Password: Company default local administrator password, selected: Automatically login as the Administrator: 2

Timezone: GMT+0100 (Amsterdam)

Runonce: none

Network: Typical settings

Workgroup or Domain: selected to auto join the domain with domain administrator credentials + domain name (important)

Operation System Options: Selected: Generate New Security ID (SID)

VM template settings:

Hard disk: 40 GB with only OS configured with company standard policy

VMware tools: Latest, this must be installed for Specification Template and NIC

Network: VMXNET3 (needed VMware Tools for driver)

Script: (saved as: FileserverDeploy.ps1)

-vmhost = Target host;

-Name = Name of new VM;

-Template: From wich template you want to deploy the new VM;

-Datastore: Target datastore to place the new VM;

-OSCustomizationspec = Wich “prep” template you want to deploy the new VM;

New-vm -vmhost esx04.vmpros.local -Name FS-SVR01 -Template WIN2008R2_Template -Datastore datastore2 -OSCustomizationspec WIN2008R2_Template
New-vm -vmhost esx04.vmpros.local -Name FS-SVR02 -Template WIN2008R2_Template -Datastore datastore2 -OSCustomizationspec WIN2008R2_Template
New-vm -vmhost esx04.vmpros.local -Name FS-SVR03 -Template WIN2008R2_Template -Datastore datastore2 -OSCustomizationspec WIN2008R2_Template
New-vm -vmhost esx04.vmpros.local -Name FS-SVR04 -Template WIN2008R2_Template -Datastore datastore2 -OSCustomizationspec WIN2008R2_Template
New-vm -vmhost esx04.vmpros.local -Name FS-SVR05 -Template WIN2008R2_Template -Datastore datastore2 -OSCustomizationspec WIN2008R2_Template


Running the script:




Final result:


The 5 fileservers deployed from template and joined the domain.. great!

VMware: Enable/Disable TechSupportMode in ESXi 4.0

December 2nd, 2010 3 comments

You can disable or re-enable Tech Support Mode on a ESXi 3.* or 4.0 host by modifying Advanced Configuration parameters.

In ESXi 4.1 you can change the startup services to automatic/manual/disabled or manual start/stop the service.

On the ESXi 4.0 host you need to login with your VI Client direcly or via vCenter server and select your ESXi host.

  1. Click the Configuration tab;

  2. Click the Advanced Settings link;

  3. Click VMkernel in the left-hand pane;

  4. In the list of parameters, deselect VMkernel.Boot.techSupportMode;

Note: Reboot the host before the setting takes effect!

VMware: Patching your ESXi host without vCenter

July 14th, 2010 4 comments

I was wondering how to patch my ESXi host in my test environment without VMware vCenter.. it was really easy! Use the “VMware vSphere Host Update Utility” to install the patches… how to:


- Your ESXi host must turned on ^

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VMware: Tweaking my ESXi whitebox memory – Asus P6T SE + OCZ Gold PC3

February 11th, 2010 No comments

Few days ago I read some information about memory tweaking on my PC / USB ESXi 4.0 whitebox. I got the this hardware configuration at home:image


The OCZ Gold 3 stripes with 2 GB each are default rated on 1066Mhz, but they can communicate with 1600Mhz (triple channel!). Time to change some settings in the bios of my Asus P6T SE motherboard.

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