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VMware: Creating iSCSI network in vSphere ESXi 5.0

July 13th, 2011 34 comments

I was trying to configure my central storage (StarWind iSCSI SAN) in my homelab, but couldn’t find the software iSCSI Adapter.. huh.. it’s removed?

Storage Adapter:


Nope.. by default it’s not installed, you must manual add the adapter by clicking Configuration > Storage Adapter > Add Storage Adapter


- Select: Add Software iSCSI Adapter


A new software iSCSI adapter will be added to the Storage Adapters list. After it has been added, select the software iSCSI adapter in the list and click on Properties to complete the configuration

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VMware: StarWind Software presents Free Version of iSCSI SAN Solution

May 16th, 2011 No comments

StarWind Free iSCSI SAN provides an Enterprise Feature set to Evaluate the Benefits of SAN’s, Virtualization and fast Disk-to-Disk Backup.StarWind Software

StarWind Software, a global leader and pioneer in SAN software for building iSCSI storage servers, today announced StarWind Free iSCSI SAN that allows you to build an iSCSI storage appliance based on the Microsoft Windows operating system, with full snapshot and backup capabilities, which can be optionally upgraded up to StarWind HA (High Availability) for dual node redundancy and off-site data replication.

StarWind provides a free and open architecture to eliminate vendor lock-in when selecting SAN hardware, reducing the need to overpay for disks, controller hardware and software licensing. Total cost savings with StarWind allow desktop virtualization to become a reality since one of the biggest hurdles to virtualizing desktops has been the cost of SAN hardware. Not to mention all the other solutions StarWind is ideal for such as providing shared storage for virtual servers to leverage live migration, physical servers to consolidate direct attached disks, server clusters such as SQL or Exchange or for fast backups to disk.

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Currently no other vendor is offering free iSCSI SAN software with the same robust feature set as StarWind’s. More information regarding the free version of iSCSI SAN Solution you can find in the below link.

StarWind Free Edition Overview

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