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Thanks for your votes – ended at place 80 & 24 in 2012

February 27th, 2012 No comments

Eric Siebert over at vsphere-land has managed to calculate all the votes and has put together the Top Blog 2012 results. has ended up at place #80 (total 187) in the “Top VMware Bloggers 2012”, was also chosen as number #24 (total 33) "Favorite Independent Blogger"

Congratulations go out to all the other bloggers and I want to thank everyone for casting their vote!


Top VMware Bloggers 2012:



Favorite Independent Blogger:



Complete list: here

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VMware: Top VMware and virtualization blogs 2012.. vote now!!

February 3rd, 2012 1 comment

Eric Siebert from vSphere-Land has made (again) a vote page to vote your personal top 10 VMware related blogs. Last year VMpros ended at place 34, maybe this year a higher rank :) >> VOTE NOW

Pick your favorite blog, and cast your vote. The survey will be open for two weeks.

My VMpros top articles over the last 12 months are:


VMware: Migrate multiple vSphere hosts to new subnet + rejoin vCenter with PowerCLI

VMware: My favorite Windows 2008R2 template configuration

VMware: Creating iSCSI network in vSphere ESXi 5.0

VMware: Configure new vSphere 4 host with PowerCLI

VMware: Change Alarm-Actions with PowerCLI

VMware: List VMFS version and blocksize of all datastores with PowerCLI

VMware: The MAC Address entered is not in the valid range

VMware: Configure Multipath Policy via PowerCLI

VMware: Add PortGroup to all hosts in cluster with PowerCLI

VMware: Configure AnywhereUSB/5 G2 in a Virtual Machines

VMware: vSphere Host Update Utility still the fastest way to apply 4.1 Update 1

VMware: Easy upgrade ESXi 4.1 to ESXi 5.0

VMware: Deploy multiple VM’s from template with PowerCLI


You can help us to select at the first page: “top 10 bloggers” and select at page 2 of 3 as “Non vendor / Independent blogger”



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VMpros wishes you a merry christmas and a happy new year!!

December 22nd, 2011 No comments


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VMpros and IT-Value attend VMworld Europe 2011

October 17th, 2011 No comments

Daniel Buonocore Sander Daems

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VMware: Top Ten articles for 2010 + some facts!

January 1st, 2011 No comments

Today I was looking for the Top 10 blog posts of year 2010 at the blog. The ten posts with the most hits, retweets and pingbacks I posted down here:

VMware: SCSI reservation conflicts

VMware: How to downgrade VM hardware level 7 to 4

VMware: How to create a bootable ESXi USB Stick with UNetbootin

VMware: Migrate vCenter 4.0 database to new vCenter 4.1 server

VMware: How to revert root user role from “Read-only” to “Administrator”

VMware: “Failed to read the upgrade package metadata.xml” upgrading to ESXi 4.1

VMware: Patching your ESXi host without vCenter

VMware: Active snapshots but can’t see them in Snapshot Manager

VMware: Installing VMware Tools through Active Directory

VMware: ESX 4.0 down after update: fsck.ext3: unable to resolve ‘uuid


Some other facts of 2010:

- VMpros ranked 34th place, in 2009 place 54

- Posted 83 VMware related articles

- Google Analytics counted 180.602 visitors

- Got a great blog sponsor Veeam

- Received a vExpert 2010 nomination

- Was part of the Dutch VMug with the Dutch VMug Bloggers Crew

- Designed a cool VMpros logo

- Switched to a new company with a lot of VMware consultancy

- Got my VSP, VTSP and VMware Capacity Planning papers together

We want to thank everyone for reading , there will be more quality in 2011!!

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VMpros wishes you a merry christmas and a happy new year!!

December 23rd, 2010 No comments


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VMware: Vote Now!

September 14th, 2010 No comments
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VMpros: Getting new ESX 4.0 server – Part: 1

July 28th, 2009 No comments

Jaja, eindelijk is het dan zover, vanmiddag kwam UPS mijn nieuwe (tweedehandse) server afleveren. Dit pakket kost me denk ik 3 weken ziektewet (40 kilo) maar het resultaat mag er zijn:

HP ProLiant DL585 G1

CPU TYPE : Quad (4) AMD Opteron 64-880 Dual Core

CPU Speed: 8 x 2,4 Ghz

Geheugen : 8 GB DDR PC2100 (8 x 1GB)

Schijven: 2 x 72 GB 2 x 36 GB (15K)

2 x HP NC7170 Dual Port PCI-X Gigabit Adapter

Kon natuurlijk niet wachten met installeren.. image
Read more…

Doodse stilte op

July 26th, 2009 No comments

Helaas is het een tijdje stil geweest op, heb mijn testomgeving (HP ML350 G3) verkocht in de hoop 1:1 een nieuwe testomgeving te kunnen kopen is helaas wat moeilijker geworden als dat ik dacht.

Gelukkig heb ik sinds vandaag een nieuwe server gekocht (HP Proliant DL585-G1 Quad AMD Opteron 64 (Dual Core) – 2,4Ghz/8192MB/210GB/DVD/Rails/4U Server) en hoop deze vanaf dinsdag volledig klaar te hebben.

* Update volgt!

p.s Enneh.. collega bloggers?? Blogconccurentie ga ik dus weer met alle liefde aan!

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