Citrix: XenApp App Export Manager


A New XenApp App Export Manager Update has been released : version 1.3.9
This update includes the following modifications :

  • Enhanced XenApp 5.0 for Windows 2008 Support
  • Enhanced XenApp 4.0 Support : the Tool will now longer raise an error when Version 4.0 is selected and configured through the SDK Management GUI
  • XenApp 3.0 Support has been depreciated in SDK Management GUI
  • Bug Fix : with proper SDK Configuration, Users will be correctly imported in Published Content and Streamed Applications
    Known Issue(s) : Due to a SDK Limitation, an error will be raised when trying to Import any Isolated Application and the Application(s) will not be associated with the AIE.
    This behaviour has only been reproduced on XenApp 4.0 and does not appear on XenApp 4.5 / 5.0 for Windows 2003.
    This New Release is available from CitrixTools.NET Download Section
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