Microsoft: How to Migrate Printers from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008


There are a lot of way’s to migrate printer from one server to another.

Within Windows 2008/vista/7 gives microsoft a standard tool for this option.

When you want to use this option you need to install the print server role.

After you done this you will be able to import and export printer’s.

An example:

Go to start -> administrative tools -> printer management.

Add the 2 servers (in my example vdc2 and vps1, vdc2 is a windows 2003 server and vps1 is a windows 2008 server)
Right click on “Print server” and choose “Add/Remove Servers”

Chooce on the old server (vdc2) for “Export printers to file”

When you have choosed for this option you get the following result
Click on Next and choose the location where you want to save the file
Choose for next and it will export all the printers

When this is ready you can start running the import on the new server.

Go to the New Print server
Right click on that and choose for “Import printers from a file”


Choose the location where you saved the export

And click on Next
The result will be an overview with all the printers that you are going to migrate and click on Next

Now you will get a couple of options questions about how you want to import the printers, change this to the way you want to use it.

After you click on Next you will get the process bar from the import
When this is ready you can click on Finish and you are ready with the migration.

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