VMware: “Datamigration” vSphere 4.1 to 4.1 is not supported


We got some problems in the datacenter with the virtual vCenter 4.1 server and decided to revert to a physical machine again to run vCenter.

After some good experience with the VMware Datamigration tool I tried to use this option again to migrate the 4.1 vCenter/VUM database + settings to the new host.. but… it’s not supported!


[ERROR] vCenter Server version not supported
[WARNING] vCenter Server does not satisfy migration prerequisite

Too bad!

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8 thoughts on “VMware: “Datamigration” vSphere 4.1 to 4.1 is not supported

  1. martin :

    How do you migrate back to a physical machine the best way?

    Hi Martin,

    – Best practice is backup database and restore/copy .mdf and .ldf to new server;
    – Create ODBC;
    – Install vCenter on new server, select use existing database + do not overwrite;
    – Copy SSL certificates from original vCenter to new vCenter server;
    – Edith the host to connect the right vCenter (by putty/console);
    – Bring vCenter server online;

    Thats all

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