VMware:RVTools 2.2 – Update


Er is weer een nieuwe versie uit:


  • New vDatastore tab. The “vDatastore” tab displays for each datastore the name, connectivity status, file system type, number of virtual machines on the datastore, total capacity in mb’s, free capacity in mb’s, multiple host access indication and the url.
  • Your custom defined fields are now visible on most of the tabpages
  • New menu option “export data to cvs file”
  • New “upgrade policy” field on vTools tabpage
  • New “Sync time with host” field on vTools tabpage
  • The field “OS” which is displayed on most of the tabpages now displays the name of the guest OS according to the VMware Tools. In previous versions we used the configuration value. The vTools tab displays both “OS” fields.


    Zie documentatie: http://www.robware.net/download/RVTools.pdf

    Zie download: http://www.robware.net/download/RVTools.msi

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