VMware: Host Upgrade Utility 4.0, ESX 3.01 to ESX 4.0.0

On my test-lan I upgraded my DL380G4 from ESX 3.01 to ESX 4.0.0 build 171294.


The upgrade process is is very easy:

For upgrading the ESX host you can use the “vSphere Host Update Utility 4.0



The old version:


1. image 

2. image

3. image 

4. image

5. image

6. image

7. image 

8. image

9. image

10. image



14. image 

You can add Manual a new license key (no license file anymore) by opening “VI Client > Configuration > Licesing > Edit


Now you need to update the Virtual Hardware of the Virtual Machine:

1. Turn the VM off

2. Right click on VM > “Upgrade Virtual Hardware


3. Press: “Yes


4. Answer the question: “Continue with VM Upgrade



5. Turn on your VM


Now you need to update the VMware Tools of the Virtual Machine:

1. Turn on your VM

2. Rightclick: Update VMware Tools


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3 thoughts on “VMware: Host Upgrade Utility 4.0, ESX 3.01 to ESX 4.0.0

  1. Hi, i’ve read your experience from FriendFeed!
    I’ve to upgrade one ESX 3.5 host to vSphere, but is a standalone host.
    I can’t move any VMs away from the local datastore, but i think is sufficent power off any VMs and put host in maintenance mode, before start process, right?


  2. Hi Marco, yeah sorry need to write it in the article. I shut down the VM’s are and put the host in mainetance mode. Then I started the upgrade process.

    Good luck with updating! It takes ~20 minutes to upgrade your host.

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