VMware: Tweaking my ESXi whitebox memory – Asus P6T SE + OCZ Gold PC3

Few days ago I read some information about memory tweaking on my PC / USB ESXi 4.0 whitebox. I got the this hardware configuration at home:image


The OCZ Gold 3 stripes with 2 GB each are default rated on 1066Mhz, but they can communicate with 1600Mhz (triple channel!). Time to change some settings in the bios of my Asus P6T SE motherboard.

I’ve made some photo’s with my digital camera (Canon Ixus 60) with the new bios configuration changes:


    ^ Changed DRAM Frequency from [Default = 1066MHz] to 1600MHz


^ Changed QPI/DRAM Core Voltage from [Default] to 1.25000


^ Changed the DRAM Bus Voltage from [Default] to 1.64v


    ^ Changed [Default] DRAM RAS settings to 8-8-8-24 (also stickered on the memory module)


    ^ My onboard NIC isn’t supported by ESXi 4.0 , so I disabled this one


    ^ Of course I enabled it!


^ After “Save and Exit” I checked if the new speed is DDR3-1600MHz, and this is correct

First I booted in Windows 7 64-bit to test the new hardware configuration:


^ Oke old score, score processor: 7.4 score Memory (RAM) 7.4


^ The new test after memory clocking… score processor: 7.4 score Memory (RAM) 7.8  🙂 nice

Note: 7.9 score is maximum in Windows 7

Just rebooted the system and boot from ESXi USB stick…and online with faster memory


Next time I’ll try clock the Core i7 920 CPU


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