VMware: Warning: /vmfs/devices/char/wmkdriver/usbpasstrough not found


After installing VMware ESX 4.1 with a connected USB (for USB passtrough in one of my VM’s) disk in my VMware Workstation 7.1 I received this error:

0:00:00:56.791 cpu0:4096)Warning: /vmfs/devices/char/vmkdriver/usbpassthrough not found




– Edith the Virtual Machine hardware

– Add new hardware: USB Controller


– ^ Select: Show all USB input devices;


– ^ The USB Storage device is detected;


– ^ Connect the hardware en present it to the virtual machine

– Reboot the ESX 4.1 host



The error disappears and I can use my USB storage disk now for USB pass trough

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4 thoughts on “VMware: Warning: /vmfs/devices/char/wmkdriver/usbpasstrough not found

  1. For nested ESX 4.1 hosts running under ESX 5.0 — I added the USB controller to the nested ESX 4.1 host and then chose the USB 2.0/1.1 type controller (not the USB 3.0 controller which won’t work) and then clicked OK andrebooted the nested ESX 4.1 host. The problem and error message went away.


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