VMware: StratoGen vCloud Director Beta Program


Few days ago I received a direct mail from William Craig (Product Development Manager) working at StratoGen Hosting:


StratoGen are seeking experienced VMware users to join the StratoGen vCloud Beta Program which is based on VMware vCloud Director. 

Beta testing is a crucial element in the cycle of our product releases, and we work closely with the VMware community to ensure our products are the best they can be.  vCloud Director is a powerful but complex product and as such we are seeking experienced users to provide informed feedback on our product offering.

By participating in the program you will be provided with resources on our enterprise platform enabling you to build, deploy and manage virtual machines, vApps and networks using the StratoGen vCloud Director portal. You will be contacted on a periodic basis for feedback.

StratoGen is a leading VMware Service Provider Partner (VSPP) with an extensive cloud hosting platform based in London, UK. 

If you would like to take part in the program please register at http://www.stratogen.net/products/vmware-hosting-vcloud.html

Thank you for your support.



If you have some time.. want to play with some new features, please sign up!! For further questions please contact William Glimlach

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