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VMware: Multipathing Status: Patrial/No Redundancy

Couple of weeks ago I asked on Twitter “Can anyone explain this #VMware storage view? MP status: Partial/No Redundancy.. Same cluster, same Dell Eql. SAN” .. now I was reading the release notes of vSphere 4.1 update 1 and there’s the fix…


Multipathing status for datastores that have fully redundant paths might be reported as having Partial/No Redundancy:

In the Storage View tab of vSphere Client, under certain conditions, volumes that are reported as “Partial/No Redundancy” actually have fully redundant paths. This type of misreporting occurs on iSCSI volumes with hardware initiators. VMware support called this a display bug

Cool, this issue is solved in vSphere 4.1 update 1


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  1. VMdog
    February 17th, 2011  (Quote) at 04:23  (Quote) | #1

    Indeed it was a display buy, I called VMWare for this warning a couple of months ago

  2. David NIlson
    August 1st, 2011  (Quote) at 21:23  (Quote) | #2

    Nope, just put up a 4.1 vcenter server and gettign this on 3.5 machines.

    Unless its solved in the hypervisor and not the Vcenter Server itself?

    but hte link above goes t othe vcenter server release notes, and its still broken here….

  3. August 2nd, 2013  (Quote) at 11:09  (Quote) | #3

    Interesting im seeing this in vCenter 5.01 as well also connected to equallogic san with redundant paths.

    you would think 2 years later it woudl be resolved?


  4. T
    December 29th, 2013  (Quote) at 13:06  (Quote) | #4

    Just in case anyone else comes along to this blog, this is not a bug.

    You need 2 separate adapters and 2 separate paths to the datastore, the software iSCSI Initiator is only 1 adapter hence single point of failure.


  1. at | #1