VMware: ITQ Infrastructure Client – vLan and portGroup manager


I never blogged about the ITQ Infrastrucute Client but this is also one of my favorite free tools to manage my vSphere environtment.

The author is Flores Eken from ITQ Consultancy in the Netherlands and wrote this application to manage your vSwitches, you can Add/Remove Portgroups on multiple hosts, Export/Import Portgroup configurations on/to multiple hosts, Excute shell command by SSH and many more

I installed today 4 new ESX 4.1 and exported te Portgroup configuration from an existing host and imported this configuration to my new one.. it’s really simple and fast!

Download: here

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4 thoughts on “VMware: ITQ Infrastructure Client – vLan and portGroup manager

  1. Nice to see it is still being used.
    We created it in 2006 during a project where we virtualized the DMZ of an insurance company in Utrecht.
    Creating 40+ VLANs on 16 hosts was a bit to much so we asked “Flores Eken” one of our developers to create a tool for it.
    I heared it still works with vSphere5! nice piece of sustainable programming 🙂
    I still use it for running shell commands on multiple hosts.

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