VMware: Configure AnywhereUSB/5 G2 in a Virtual Machines


I’m working on a project to P2V a bunch of servers to a vSphere environment, In the list of servers to P2V I’ve one USB (Hasp Keys) based license server.. to P2V this server we need a TCP/IP USB Hub to connect remotely the Hasp Key. We bought Digi AnywhereUSB/5




AnywhereUSB Device configuration:


^ Setup a new root password


^ Setup a Static IP Address


^ Install the latest firmware


Virtual Machine configuration:


^ Mount the CD in the virtual machine and click “Install Drivers”, AnywhereUSB Remote Hub will be installed in the virtual machine to discover the device and map the USB stick/hasp keys


^ Once you’ve discovered or added the Remote USB Hup you can “Connect” the device.



^ In the virtual machine (Windows 2008R2) I’m able to connect my KINGSTON USB stick on drive letter F:\


More information: Digi

Configuration time: 10 minutes

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10 thoughts on “VMware: Configure AnywhereUSB/5 G2 in a Virtual Machines

  1. Hier liep ik ook tegenaan, kreeg dit in eerste instantie niet correct werken. Na het installeren met de laatste firmware en het toevoegen van een USB controller kreeg ik een correcte verbinding met licentie server.

  2. We being using these for years and they work great, we use them especially in our clusters. What we’re doing in our standalone esx host cases is use the new USB features within 4.1 and that is proving to work very nicely especially with some of our smaller installations.

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