VMware: VM auto suspend in 30 minutes.. wtf??


Sometimes.. grrr, stupid me!!.. I’ve configured last week a new Windows 7 x64 virtual machine, but this machine suspend itself after 30 minutes, I thought it was a bug.. couldn’t find any setting configured in vCenter or the particular host but saw only this messages:

Virtual machine is suspended – by User



Okay… shame shame.. the solution:


Tip: Always configure profile: High performance

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17 thoughts on “VMware: VM auto suspend in 30 minutes.. wtf??

  1. shame on you. shame on me.
    The info in your article is still valid!
    Do not know however where this setting came from.
    I did not set it, but suddenly my machine started to suspend in 30 minutes.
    Looked everywhere but not in the OS itself.
    Thanks for the info!

  2. Hi,

    As on VMware, the VM will suspend automatically if it goes to standby mode.

    You need to disable the standby mode from control panel.


  3. hi dear sander, thank you for your tip
    i have question, if we let to vm go to sleep mode in VDI environment , what’s happened?
    I think the vCenter start the vm when it need ! what do you think?

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