VMware: Call "FileManager.MakeDirectory" for object "FileManager" on vCenter Server "server.domain.local" failed.


Today I created some new NFS volumes at a NetApp FAS2040, after I configured the datastores in vSphere I couldn’t write files and folders, warning message:

Call "FileManager.MakeDirectory" for object "FileManager" on vCenter Server "server.domain.local" failed.



I forgot (stupid me) to configure the correct access rights, in the NetApp OnCommand System Manager: 

Storage > Exports > select Export Path > add the correct rights + IP addresses for the configured VMware VMkernels: 


I added the IP-addresses from the VMkernel ports with Root Access and I was able to create new files to the datastores.

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  1. Thanks for this! Also on a Netapp, be sure to confirm that the volume you’re exporting is using the same security style as your export. If you go to volumes on the fileer and the security style for that volume is, say, NTFS rather than UNIX, you’ll get this error.

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