VMware: Quick stats on [hostname.domain.local] is not up-to-date


After upgrading my vCenter appliance 5.1 to 5.5 I noticed the following warning message at one of my 5.1 hosts:


Configuration issues. "Quick stats on hostname.domain.local is not up-to-date"



This is a known issue in vCenter Server 5.5.

To work around this issue, add these quickStats parameters to the Advanced Settings of the vCenter Server:

  • vpxd.quickStats.HostStatsCheck
  • vpxd.quickStats.ConfigIssues


After I restarted the vCenter services the message disappeared


More information: VMware

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1 thought on “VMware: Quick stats on [hostname.domain.local] is not up-to-date

  1. Nice find, I had the same issues after upgrading vCenter server, hosts currenlty still on vSphere 5.5

    thanks for your solution / article

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