VMware: System logs on host [hostname] are stored on non-persistent storage

Last week I installed some new vSphere hosts with flash disk storage. Some hosts has a yellow caution icon and a message stating:

Configuration Issues – System logs on host [hostname] are stored on non-persistent storage.




Verify the location of System logs:

  1. In vSphere Client, select the host in the inventory panel.
  2. Click the Configuration tab, then click Advanced Settings under Software.
  3. Ensure that Syslog.global.logDir points to a persistent location.

    The directory should be specified as [datastorename] path_to_file where the path is relative to the datastore. For example, [datastore1] /systemlogs.

  4. If the Syslog.global.logDir field is empty or explicitly points to a scratch partition, make sure that the field ScratchConfig.CurrentScratchLocation shows a location on persistent storage.




After a few minutes the logs are stored at the new location (in this case I used central storage):


More information: VMware


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