Veeam: Client error: NFC storage connection is unavailable


Last week I added a new vSphere host in my homelab, after I configured and started my backup job in the Backup & Replication 7.0 patch 4 environment I received this error messages:

Processing ‘DC01’ Error: Client error: NFC storage connection is unavailable. Storage: [stg:datastore-12,nfchost:host-10,conn:vce01.vmpros.local]. Storage display name: [ESX01_VMFS02].
Failed to create NFC download stream. NFC path: [nfc://conn:vce01.vmpros.local,nfchost:host-10,stg:datastore-12@DC01/DC01.vmx].




When you look at the Backup Job log file you can see the details, logfile location: C:\ProgramData\Veeam\Backup\VMpros_-_Backup_01

In my case Veeam Backup could resolve my VMware vCenter 5.5 server but when he try to contact the vSphere host with some local datastores the backup failed. I tried to ping the hosts and couldn’t resolve the hostname of my vSphere host.

Make sure you have:

– Added the vSphere host in DNS, create a A record in your DNS server

Optionally: Add the vSphere hostsname(s) and IP-address(es) in the hostfile at your Veeam Backup server


End result




More information: Veeam

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  1. This didn’t work for me. I am having this issue.
    If you’re up for a challenge. Let me know. Maybe you can have a look yourself.

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