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VMware: Defragmenting VirtualCenter performance data indexes on a Microsoft SQL database (1003990)

March 10th, 2009 1 comment

For troubleshooting or maintenance purposes it may be necessary to defragment the indexes on your Microsoft SQL database server. This article provides the steps perform a defragmentation of the indexes to increase performance of the database.


Fragmentation of indexes occurs when the logical order of pages is different than the physical order on the disk. In VirtualCenter fragmentation occurs most noticeably due to the statistics collection and consolidation. 

When the indexes are excessively fragmented, performance of queries to the VirtualCenter database is slow.

Warning: The VirtualCenter Server service must be shut down prior to performing any kind of database maintenance. For information on stopping the VirtualCenter Server service, see Stopping, starting, or restarting the VirtualCenter Server service (1003895).

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