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Symantec Backup EXEC: How to migrate Data and catalogs to a fresh installation of 11d or above on a different server

July 8th, 2009 22 comments

This week our backup server had to be replaced. So we installed the new server. Installed Backup EXEC 12.5 on the new server. But I want on the new server al my jobs, policies, selection lists and catalogs. After some google search I had found all the info I need to do this.

In the following article I’ll show you how you can do this.

SERVER01 the old backup server
SERVER02 the new backup server

To download the latest version check your “Your Symantec License Certificate” email you received from Symantec. Find the Backup EXEC  serial number and Enter the Serial Number from the Certificate to logon to the fileconnect site. Follow the link to the FileConnect User Guide for more info.

1. Install a fresh copy of Backup EXEC on the new server SERVER02. Run LiveUpdate to download the latest hotfix and service packs

2. Upgrade your old backup EXEC version to the latest version. If you are upgrading from 9.X first upgrade to 10.X and then upgrade to the latest version. On SERVER01 and SERVER02 should run the same BACKUP EXEC version. Also run LiveUpdate to download the latest hotfix and service packs.

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