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[Sponsor: Unitrends] What Is The Future of Backup?

January 15th, 2015 No comments

Hyper-Convergence Meets Data Protection and High Availabilityimage

In 2014, there were 28 million IT professionals worldwide. IDC expects this number to grow to 36 million by 2020. The trouble here is that the amount of data for which these professionals are held responsible is growing at a much higher rate. Today, each IT professional on average is responsible for 230GB; by 2020, that number will explode to 1,231GB. This massive spike is made even more challenging by the increasing richness of data sources and formats, driven by everything from new applications to the Internet of Things.

This is the reason that productivity — doing more with less — has never been more important for the engineers creating and building next generation data centers. This is one reason that hyper-converged storage has been increasingly popular. Hyper-converged infrastructure systems offer a software-defined scale-out architecture that integrates compute, networking, and storage via virtualization. At the end of the day, what these systems offer to the overburdened IT professional is a more productive way of creating and managing IT infrastructure.

The future of backup lies in hyper-convergence as well. The basic architecture of a backup appliance — a server, networking, storage, operating system, and backup software — will need to take advantage of more and faster processors and cores, memory, backplane and I/O performance. Flash-enabled architectures will increasingly become mandatory — not just to enable faster backup and recovery, but also because of the increased functionality that the backup appliance must support in terms of more capability and high availability. Techniques such as on-appliance virtualized instant recovery of virtual and physical environments, as well as off-appliance support of virtual environments, will present very different I/O loads that can only be reconciled with tiered flash and rotational storage.

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