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VMware: Streaming VMware vSphere Client 4.1 over my W2008 R2 TS RDWEB portal

October 2nd, 2010 1 comment

I got my test environment (DL 585G1) placed in the server rack at my work. I was busy with a Terminal Server tweak blogpost on VMware.. but also playing with the RDweb portal and decided to publish the vSphere Client for the “vCenter Admin” AD security group. I must say.. this application is big.. but.. streaming is not a problem! Here some facts:

ISP connection:

Work ISP: 10/10 MBit (server located)

Home ISP: 35/35 MBit


^ My personal portal with Office 2010, TweetDeck and the vSphere Client


^ Pruttel.. Pruttel..

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