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VMware: VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 4.3 Release Notes

September 3rd, 2010 2 comments

Vmware released a new vCenter Converter Standalone version which is now fully compatible with vSphere 4.1.



What’s New

The VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 4.3 includes the following new functionality:

  • Support for VMware vSphere 4.1 as source and destination targets
  • Support for importing powered-off Microsoft Hyper-V R1 and Hyper-V R2 virtual machines
  • Public API and sample code for submitting and monitoring Converter jobs
  • Support for importing Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 sources
  • Ability to throttle the data transfer from source to destination based on network bandwidth or CPU
  • IPv6 support

Discontinued Support

  • Support of the following operating systems is discontinued:
    • Windows 2000
    • Windows NT
  • Support for OVF format is discontinued
  • Support for VCB image sources is discontinued
  • Linux installation support is discontinued



Check out the release notes after the jump and download it here

VMware / Microsoft: Check what Windows Setup is doing in VMware Workstation

August 13th, 2009 No comments

Today i had to install Windows 2003 R2 + SP2

I noticed that the installer just kept on going forever at the “installing devices” part.

Press Shit-F11 during setup to see what the Windows setup is doing. In this case the ‘add new hardware’ wizard was running. You can also use SHIFT-F10 to get a command prompt

The solution:

1) Reset the virtual machine (don’t boot from CD-Rom)
2) Keep the focus within the virtual machine (don’t CRTR-ALT)

You’ll see it works this time, probably has something to do with the detection of keyboard and/or mouse.


Source: Peter Wigleven


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VMware: VMware Workstation 6.5.2 Released

April 3rd, 2009 No comments

VMware Workstation Product Information

Workstation Version 6.5.2 | 31 March 2009 | Build 156735

Check frequently for additions and updates to these release notes.

These release notes cover the following topics:

What’s New

Workstation 6.5.2 is a maintenance release that resolves security as well as some known issues. With this release of VMware Workstation, certain new features and support have been added.

Support for New Guest Operating Systems

VMware provides support for the following operating systems for Workstation 6.5.2:

  • Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and Service Pack 2
  • Asianux Server 3.0 Service Pack 1
  • openSUSE 11.1
  • Ubuntu 8.10
  • Ubuntu 8.04 LTS

VMware provides experimental support to the following operating systems for Workstation:

  • Fedora 11
  • FreeBSD 7.1
  • Mandriva Linux 2009
  • Novell SLE11.0
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.8
  • Sun Solaris 10 Update 6
  • Ubuntu 9.04

Refer the Guest Operating System Installation Guide for more information on the support for operating systems.

Support for Intel Microarchitecture (Nehalem)

VMware provides support for Nehalem processors (Intel Microarchitecture) from this release.

Check out the complete windows release note after the jump

Source: Release Notes Windows
  VMware Workstation 6.5.2 for Windows
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  VMware Workstation 6.5.2 for Linux
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