VMware: Adding multiple gateways to Service Console network (1008464)


The following scenario describes requirements for multiple subnets:

  • You have separate subnets and for each subnet there is service console.
  • You use each subnet for file copying or other purposes.
  • The network consists of three subnets. Each subnet has its own gateway.   
        For example, VMware Converter can access ESX to store newly converted virtual machines.

If routes are added in rc.local as per Adding static route to ESX host for extra Service Console when service network restart is executed, all added routes disappear.

To create a route file for multiple subnets on the service console network TCP/IP stack:

1. Log in to the ESX host command line as root.

2. Run the following command to generate and edit the route file:
nano /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ route-vswifX
Where X represent interface number.

3. Input the entries as per the following sample:

4. If gateway does not provide proper connectivity as expected, replace GATEWAY X with GATEWAY X=

Restart the network and new routes are added.

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Source: 1008464

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