VMware: vCenter Server Heartbeat 5.5 released


Neverfail’s award winning technology powers VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat. This was presented on VMworld Europe 2009. I followed some sessions about it; it will be a promising high availability extension for vCenter Server.

Use and Configure with Ease

VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat has no hardware configuration dependencies and automatically detects standard VMware vCenter Server components upon installation, providing instant monitoring and protection.

Ensure Availability and Disaster Recovery

VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat delivers high availability and disaster recovery for VMware vCenter Server and all of its components across the LAN or WAN, including the database and licensing server and plug-ins like VMware vCenter Update Manager, eliminating costly, complex outages. VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat protects and recovers the VMware vCenter Server database instance, even if it’s installed on a separate server.

Protect your Infrastructure

Minimize the risk of downtime for VMware vCenter Server and assure access to critical components such as VMware vMotion and VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS). Through continuous monitoring, VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat provides the broadest range of protection against application or operator errors, operating system or hardware failure, or external events. You can extend service monitoring and high availability to components such as plug-ins, VMware License Server, VMware vCenter Update Manager, and third-party tools.


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  Neverfail’s award winning technology powers VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat

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