VMware: Tasks time out in VirtualCenter even though it is still running on the ESX host (1002938)

  • VirtualCenter task stops responding
  • Tasks time out
  • If the task runs for more then 15 minutes VMware Virtual Center 2.x times it out but the task still continues the execution on ESX host.
  • Next attempt to re-run the task returns the error:
    Operation failed since another task is in progress.

VMware VirtualCenter 2.x has a hard coded 15 minutes timeout for any task.

The default 15 minutes timeout value can be changed in VMware VirtualCenter.

  • The default value can be changed manually by modifying the vpxd.cfg file and adding the following under <vpxd> section :


  • The file is normally located in C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/VMware/VMware VirtualCenter/vpxd.cfg
  • The value is specified in seconds, default is 900 seconds
  • VirtualCenter must be restarted after making the changes to the vpxd.cfg file

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Source: 1002938

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