VMware: How to Enable CDP On ESX3.X Host


VMWare has made CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol ) available to their host.

When you the CDP is running on router/switch where the physical network card is connected it provide information to both Network administrator and ESX admin about host name/network card. This information help when you are trying to figure out which network card on the host is connected to which physical switch


B|–set-cdp          Set the CDP status for a given virtual switch.
                        To set pass one of “down”, “listen”, “advertise”, “both”

On this ESX host we got 3 vSwitches, you need to enable the CDP feature for each vSwitch like (putty or console):

[root@ESX-vm2 root]# esxcfg-vswitch -B both vSwitch0
[root@ESX-vm2 root]# esxcfg-vswitch -B both vSwitch1
[root@ESX-vm2 root]# esxcfg-vswitch -B both vSwitch2


Now in vCenter 2.5 you see the Configuration > Networking > vSwitches, in te little comment box you can click:


This is the old result:                                                     This is the new CDP result:

image  image

More information: VMware

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5 thoughts on “VMware: How to Enable CDP On ESX3.X Host

  1. I thought you must enable it on your Cisco switch, afther this you can enable it on your ESX vSwitches:

    2.switch# config terminal
    3.switch(config)# cdp run
    4.switch(config)# interface g1/1
    5.switch(config-if)# cdp enable

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