VMware: Network redundancy message when configuring VMware High Availability in vCenter

  • If you configure VMware High Availability (HA) in VirtualCenter 2.5, you may see the message:
  • This message does not appear to cause any failures.

This message occurs with ESX 3.5/4 and vCenter 2.5/4. It indicates that the Service Console does not have network redundancy.

This message can be safely ignored.

You can, however, prevent this message by:

  1. Adding a second vmnic to the service console vSwitch.
  2. Adding a second Service console on a different vswitch and subnet.
  3. Suppressing the message.
  4. Edit the Cluster settings.
  5. Click Advanced Options…
  6. Add the option das.ignoreRedundantNetWarning
  7. Change the value to trueimage
  8. Select a host and Reconfigure for VMware HA.image
  9. Repeat this for all hosts.
  10. Note: If the warning continues to appear, disable and re-enable VMware High Availability in the cluster.  

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