VMware: Updated RV Tools version 2.9


RV Tools version 2.9 is released by Rob de Veij, whats new:

  • On vHost tab new fields: Vendor and model.
  • On vHost tab new fields: Bios version and Bios release date.
  • On vInfo tab new field: VM overall size in bytes (visible when using VI API 4.0)
  • On vSnapshot tab new fields: Snapshot filename and size in bytes (visible when using VI API 4.0)
  • New vNic tab. The vNic tab displays for each physival nic on the host the following fields: Host, datacenter, cluster name, network device, driver, speed, duplex setting, mac address, PCI and wakeon switch.
  • Layout change on vHost, vSwitch and vPort tabpages. They now all start with host name, datacenter and cluster name.
  • The commandline function ExportAll extended with an extra optional parameter. It’s now possible to specify the directory where the export files are written.

Latest Version: 2.9 | April, 2010
Download | Documentation

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