VMware: RV Tools latest version: 2.9.5


RV Tools version 2.9.5 is released by Rob de Veij, what’s new:

  • On vInfo tab new field: Guest heartbeat status. The heartbeat status is classified as: gray – VMware Tools are not installed or not running, red – no heartbeat, guest operating system may have stopped responding. yellow -intermittent heartbeat, may be due to guest load. green – guest operating system is responding normally

  • On vMemory tab new fields: Ballooned memory, consumed overhead memory, private memory, shared memory, swapped memory and static memory entitlement

  • On vDatastore tab new field: Full device address (controller, target, device)

  • On vInfo tab new fields: Commited storage, uncommited storage and unshared storage

  • Bug fix! A semicolon in the annotations fields are no longer a problem for the export functions

  • Bug fix! Health check "Zombie vmdk" problems solved

  • Bug fix! Health check "inconsistent foldername" problems solved

  • Bug fix! On vport tab the column "notify switch" value solved

  • Bug fix! Sort problem on vNic tab on column "speed" solved

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