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VMware: Install in NagiosXI the VMware Plugin including VMware SDK

I’m running NagiosXI in my testlab, to monitor my ESX hosts/VM’s I need to install the Nagios VMware Plugin. What did I do to realize the VMware host monitoring:

You need to install the SDK software.. download the VMware vSphere™ SDK for Perl download version: vSphere SDK for Perl – 32-bit Linux Installer because Nagios is running on a Linux 32-bit VM.

– Upload (with WinSCP) the extracted folder to the Nagios VM /tmp/ ;
– Dir to the folder: vmware-vsphere-cli-distrib ;
– Install the SDK: ./



Installing the Nagios Plugins Perl Library:

– Type the command: yum install -yq perl-Class-Accessor perl-Config-Tiny perl-Math-Calc-Units perl-Params-Validate



– Next finish the installation with: rpm -Uvh perl-Nagios-Plugin-*.rpm



Download the Nagios VMware plugin and Import  the plugin in the Nagios Plugin interface


After uploading and installing the plugin there is an option to create a VMware agent:


After clicking the Monitoring Wizard – VMware > Next to setup the VMware monitor package


Now you can monitor your VMware environment 🙂


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    Thanks for good stuff

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    will it work also on opsview ?…i guess i could change it a bit …since its nagios

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