VMware: ESXi 4.1 installation hangs on “multiextent loaded succesfully” HP DL380 G7


Last week I build a rack for a customer with some brand new HP DL380 G7’s, pre-sales decided (happy me) to install ESXi 4.1.. after creating a RAID10 (2x 72GB) configuration on HP SmartArray 410i I started the installation.

After the installation my first boot, ESXi keeps hanging on “multiextent loaded successfully” .. rebooted once again.. no result, waited more then 20 minutes.. still no result.



Watching some log files (ALT + F12) I saw some warnings/errors:

Could not detect setting of QErr for device naa.60a98000572d504c654a573236636b6c. Error Failure

ScsiDeviceIO: 4494: Could not detect settings of QErr for device naa.6005….


VMWARE SCSI Id: Could not get disk id for vmhba32:CO:TO:LO



The current (out of the box) firmware for the  HP SmartArray 410i was 3.03 , upgrade to version 3.66 (latest).

But… to solve this issue you need to delete the current array configuration and create a new one. Run the ESXi 4.1 installation again and the problem is permanently solved.

I know.. before you plan to install a new server.. first install the latest firmware with the HP Firmware DVD (955 mb).. I thought.. I’ll do this later.. NOT!

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  2. Thank you so much, that solved a lot of headache for me. I’ve been wondering for days what the hell is going on. The error messages are also different for ESXi 5.5 and ESXi 4.1 installation, which doesn’t make it any easier to find the root cause.

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