VMware: Top Ten articles for 2010 + some facts!


Today I was looking for the Top 10 blog posts of year 2010 at the VMpros.nl blog. The ten posts with the most hits, retweets and pingbacks I posted down here:

VMware: SCSI reservation conflicts

VMware: How to downgrade VM hardware level 7 to 4

VMware: How to create a bootable ESXi USB Stick with UNetbootin

VMware: Migrate vCenter 4.0 database to new vCenter 4.1 server

VMware: How to revert root user role from “Read-only” to “Administrator”

VMware: “Failed to read the upgrade package metadata.xml” upgrading to ESXi 4.1

VMware: Patching your ESXi host without vCenter

VMware: Active snapshots but can’t see them in Snapshot Manager

VMware: Installing VMware Tools through Active Directory

VMware: ESX 4.0 down after update: fsck.ext3: unable to resolve ‘uuid


Some other facts of 2010:

– VMpros ranked 34th place, in 2009 place 54

– Posted 83 VMware related articles

– Google Analytics counted 180.602 visitors

– Got a great blog sponsor Veeam

– Received a vExpert 2010 nomination

– Was part of the Dutch VMug with the Dutch VMug Bloggers Crew

– Designed a cool VMpros logo

– Switched to a new company with a lot of VMware consultancy

– Got my VSP, VTSP and VMware Capacity Planning papers together

We want to thank everyone for reading VMpros.nl , there will be more quality in 2011!!

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