VMware: vSphere 5.0 is released with new HA features!


Today VMware announced the release of VMware vSphere 5.0.  This is a huge release!  Some of the key features of this release include:

  • Convergence. vSphere 5.0 is the first vSphere release built exclusively on the vSphere ESXi 5.0 hypervisor architecture as the host platform.
  • VMware vSphere Auto Deploy. VMware vSphere Auto Deploy simplifies the task of managing ESXi installation and upgrade for hundreds of machines.
  • New Virtual machine capabilities. 32-way virtual SMP, 1TB virtual machine RAM, Software support for 3D graphics, and more.
  • Expanded support for VMware Tools versions. VMware Tools from vSphere 4.x is supported in virtual machines running on vSphere 5.0 hosts.
  • Storage DRS. This feature delivers the DRS benefits of resource aggregation, automated initial placement, and bottleneck avoidance to storage.
  • Profile-driven storage. This solution allows you to have greater control and insight into characteristics of your storage resources.
  • VMFS5. VMFS5 is a new version of vSphere Virtual Machine File System that offers improved scalability and performance, and provides Internationalization support.
  • Storage vMotion snapshot support. Allows Storage vMotion of a virtual machine in snapshot mode with associated snapshots.
  • vSphere Web Client. A new browser-based user interface that works across Linux and Windows platforms.
  • vCenter Server Appliance. A vCenter Server implementation running on a pre-configured Linux-based virtual appliance.
  • vSphere High Availability. VMware High Availability has been transformed into a cloud-optimized availability platform.

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