VMware: Update VMware Tools without a reboot by PowerCLI


Upgrade VMware Tools, all virtual machines in cluster:

Get-Cluster "Productie" | Get-VM | Update-Tools –NoReboot

Upgrade VMware Tools, located in folder:

Get-Cluster "Productie" | Get-Folder "Beheer servers" | Get-VM | Update-Tools –NoReboot

Upgrade VMware Tools, selected virtual machine:

Get-Cluster "Productie" | Get-VM "BHR-SVR11" | Update-Tools –NoReboot

Get VMware-Tools versions:

Get-View -ViewType VirtualMachine | select Name, @{ Name=”ToolsVersion”;


More information: VMware , VMware

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13 thoughts on “VMware: Update VMware Tools without a reboot by PowerCLI

  1. Hi Sander, great info.. Just wanted to try and update my VMware Tools on a server running VMware Tools 4.0.0 #261974 from vSphere 4.0 U2
    VMware Tools 8.3.7 #341836 from vSphere 4.1 U1

    Update-Tools : 29-07-2011 22:34:27 Update-Tools The operation for the entity VirtualMachine-vm-260 failed wit
    h the following message: “The operation is not supported on the object.”
    At line:1 char:64
    + Get-Cluster “C1” | get-vm dc2 | Update-Tools <<<< -NoReboot + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [Update-Tools], NotSupported + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Client20_TaskServiceImpl_CheckServerSideTaskUpdates_OperationFailed,VMware.VimAutomation .ViCore.Cmdlets.Commands.UpdateVmTools Any Ideas - to much for the -NoReboot command 🙂 -Jonas, Denmark

  2. Make sure you’ve got the latest PowerCLI 4.1 version and indeed the latest .NET Framework

    The PowerCLI code in this article I tested and working smooth, thanks!

  3. the commandline is not working for me. i am using the latest powercli version.
    The Error output is “The pipeline has been stopped”

    Get-VM | Get-View | Where-Object { ($_.Guest.GuestFamily -eq “windowsGuest”) -and ( $_.Guest.GuestState -eq “running” ) -and ( $_.Guest.ToolsStatus -eq “ToolsOld” ) -and ( $_.Name -ne “XXXXXXXXX” ) } | Get-VIObjectByVIView | Update-Tools -NoReboot

    Seems that there is a problem with the Get-VIObjectByVIView Command

    Any ideas???


  4. Hey guys, this is great, I tried the s ript, against my vm list, it ran great, but only one VM at a time, is there a way to have all vm in my vm list udate at the same time?

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