VMware: “vcpPerformance Function” error when upload Capacity Planner .csv files


Today I configured VMware Capacity Planner 2.8 by a customer, after I finished the Collected inventory + Performance data task I started the Synchronize job. The .csv files uploaded successfully but at the end of the job I received this warning messages:

ERROR: An unexpected error occurred! Module = vcpPerformance Function = UpdateTask:16 Source = Microsoft JET Database Engine Error = Syntax error in UPDATEstatement.(-2147217900:0:5003144)


ERROR: An unexpected error occurred! Module = vcpSysPerf Function = CollectSystemPerformance: Source = vcpSysPerf Error = Type mismatch(13:0:1000013)





I used a Dutch Windows 7 workstation to install VMware Capacity Planner Data Manager v3.0.0, in the requirements (Page 9: VMware Whitepaper) I noticed “English Windows version required” …




… but.. in VMware KB you need only need to change the Regional Options  to English (United States) like:



After I changed the settings, applied the configuration and restarted the workstation I was able to upload the discovered files to the VMware Capacity Planner Dashboard, happy me!

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