VMware: Upgrade vCenter Server 5.5 to 6.0


Last week I upgraded VMware vCenter 5.5 server (based Windows 2012R2) at the company environment I work for, the upgrade was very simple.

Pre-install: Please check article “Minimum requirements for the VMware vCenter Server 6.x Appliance (2106572)

Installation process


– Select: Install


– Select: Next



– Select: “I accept the terms of the license agreement” > Next



– Fill in vCenter Single Sign-On password > Next



Warning: You Microsoft SQL Express database will be migrated to VMware vPostgres. If you would like to continue using Microsoft SQL, see install/upgrade documentation about migrating to full SQL Server



– Leave the ports to configure default > next







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5 thoughts on “VMware: Upgrade vCenter Server 5.5 to 6.0

  1. Hi
    I wonder if anyone has taken full bakup of 5.5 sql express database, shut down the old vcenter server and then created a new 2012 datacenter server with vcenter 6, and imported the sql database to postgres database ? Any trouble, tips ?

  2. Hi,
    I wanna upgrade vcenter 5.5 to 6.0. just i migrated sql server to vPostgres. but after migration vcenter services does not start.

    What should i do?????

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