Citrix: Visio Stencils for the Citrix Dynamic Delivery Center


I just stumbled upon the Citrix Visio stencils created by Daniel Feller

For quite a few years, I’ve developed a set of Visio stencils that I’ve used, along with many of my coworkers, to create detailed design architectures for a Citrix solution. The stencils have morphed over the years and I have now consolidated them into a single package.  This one stencil has just about everything you will need to create detailed Citrix solution diagrams.  Included are items for the following products:

  • XenApp
  • XenDesktop
  • XenServer
  • NetScaler (includes rack-mountable stencils and NetScaler MPX)
  • WANScaler (including the new Branch Repeater)
  • Access Gateway
  • Application Firewall
  • Provisioning Server
  • EdgeSight
  • Password Manager
  • Workflow Studio

I’m always looking for ideas on what’s missing so there can be one comprehensive stencil set for Citrix solutions. Drop a comment and let me know what else is needed.

Download Visio Stencils here

Citrix Visio Stencils

Source: Visio Stencils for the Citrix Dynamic Delivery Center
  Download Visio Stencils here
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