VMware: Where to download the Converter 4.0 boot CD (1010367)

  • Converter 4.0 boot cd is missing
  • Unable to perform a cold clone with Converter 4.0.
    There is no boot CD for Converter 4.0 and it does not support cold cloning.

To perform a cold clone you must:

Source: 1010367

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1 thought on “VMware: Where to download the Converter 4.0 boot CD (1010367)

  1. Ack.. I’m trying to p2v a physical linux server to a NON-esx environment. It seemed like from my research the cold cloning might help me out in conjunction with vmware converter standalone. Sad to hear it is not available

    Do you know how to do a p2v of physical linux to a vmplayer/vmworkstation type environment? a.k.a. NON esx?

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