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VMware: Unable “Add to Invetory” option is greyed out

Today I got some trouble with my Exchange production VM, my VMware Data Recovery 1.2 created many snapshots.. and removed the VM from the vCenter inventory… ok not a big issue, but on the datastore I can’t Add it to the inventory again, the option “Add to Inventory” is greyed out.


On the console I added the VM again in vCenter with the vmware-cmd option:


vmware-cmd –s register servername.vmx


vmware-cmd -l


It’s re-added in vCenter again:image

Now it’s time to delete some snapshots… pffff


More vmware-cmd information: VMware


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  1. Lori
    October 26th, 2010  (Quote) at 19:39  (Quote) | #1

    Thank you for posting this!! Came in handy!

  2. Marc Peter
    March 1st, 2011  (Quote) at 01:17  (Quote) | #2

    Thanks, solved!

  3. frenky
    May 8th, 2011  (Quote) at 01:18  (Quote) | #3

    Good article, thanks

  4. spence
    June 8th, 2011  (Quote) at 09:23  (Quote) | #4

    I have the same problem but on an ESXi host, how would I go about adding a VM back into the inventory on ESXi?


  5. August 31st, 2011  (Quote) at 20:58  (Quote) | #5

    You can log onto the host directly from the console (monitor and keyboard) and enable SSH. not sure if the above fix works for us ESXi guys yet though…

  6. velmurugan
    December 27th, 2011  (Quote) at 11:58  (Quote) | #6

    Good artical, thank you

  7. Pedshetediall
    February 21st, 2012  (Quote) at 05:40  (Quote) | #7

    You saved my day!! A big thanks

  8. bob
    April 12th, 2012  (Quote) at 19:11  (Quote) | #8

    vim-cmd solo registervm /vmfs/volumes/store/vm.vmx

    shold work for esxi

  9. August 11th, 2012  (Quote) at 08:17  (Quote) | #9

    thanks although it didn’t fix my problem.

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