VMware: Top VMware and virtualization blogs 2012.. vote now!!


Eric Siebert from vSphere-Land has made (again) a vote page to vote your personal top 10 VMware related blogs. Last year VMpros ended at place 34, maybe this year a higher rank :) >> VOTE NOW

Pick your favorite blog, and cast your vote. The survey will be open for two weeks.

My VMpros top articles over the last 12 months are:


VMware: Migrate multiple vSphere hosts to new subnet + rejoin vCenter with PowerCLI

VMware: My favorite Windows 2008R2 template configuration

VMware: Creating iSCSI network in vSphere ESXi 5.0

VMware: Configure new vSphere 4 host with PowerCLI

VMware: Change Alarm-Actions with PowerCLI

VMware: List VMFS version and blocksize of all datastores with PowerCLI

VMware: The MAC Address entered is not in the valid range

VMware: Configure Multipath Policy via PowerCLI

VMware: Add PortGroup to all hosts in cluster with PowerCLI

VMware: Configure AnywhereUSB/5 G2 in a Virtual Machines

VMware: vSphere Host Update Utility still the fastest way to apply 4.1 Update 1

VMware: Easy upgrade ESXi 4.1 to ESXi 5.0

VMware: Deploy multiple VM’s from template with PowerCLI


You can help us to select VMpros.nl at the first page: “top 10 bloggers” and select at page 2 of 3 VMpros.nl as “Non vendor / Independent blogger”



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