VMware: vix error code = 21009 during


During upgrade installation VMware Tools I received this warning message:

vix error code = 21009





This issue occurs because, for security purposes, updating VMware Tools from within the guest is disabled by default.



  1. Shut down the virtual machine, if it is running.
  2. Open the datastore browser and navigate to the virtual machine directory.
  3. Using the GUI option, download the .vmx to your local desktop.
  4. Create a backup of the .vmx on your local workstation.
  5. Open the .vmx file using a text editor and add this line to the end of the file:


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  1. Hello,

    In my case someone delete uninstaller files from C : drive to save space. I get “vix error code = 21009” from vCenter GUI, and from Add/Remove programs installer was looking for msi file location.


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