VMware: VMware Data Recovery also without connecting vCenter directly


Just seeing that I can use VMware Data Recovery (VDR) without connecting vCenter by vSphere client, I only connect to the ESX host. You need only install the VMware Data Recovery Plugin into your VMware vSphere Client and you can manage your backups.


Little note: vCenter must be online!



ESX Host:

ESX vCenter Server:

More VDR information: VMware

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4 thoughts on “VMware: VMware Data Recovery also without connecting vCenter directly

  1. Hi Sander,
    I have successfully installed Data Recovery Plugin but I do not have vCenter at all. When on the second stage I imported the .ovf-template and deployed the Data Recovery machine, it successfully started first time and appeared accessible via https. when I added an additional HDD to the machine and restarted, I saw only a black screen in console of the machine 🙁
    Strange, but it’s still accessible through https 🙂
    I also can manage jobs but my only job does not start. In Report I see: Connected to ESX Server, automated backups will not be performed.
    It’s all because of the absence of vCenter deployed?
    Thnx in advance

  2. I have tested Vmware Data recovert 1.2 without Vmware vcenter & it works without issues… I do nt have Vmware vcenter server.. I have installed it on my data center plugin on my laptop, imported ovf file & configure backup location that’s it.. it works..

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