VMware: Shrink (OS) volume size using VMware Converter


Lots of VMware / Windows administrators can extend virtual disks on-the-fly in a few seconds, but what is the easiest way to shrink a / the (OS) volume?

In this post I’ll show a (simple) method how-to shrink the system disk size from a virtual machine from 60 to 40 GB.



In all cases, confirm the following before shrink the size of the virtual disk:

  • All snapshots have been removed;
  • The virtual machine is powered off;


Install VMware Converter and connect you’re vCenter server running that specific virtual machine

– Start the VMware Converter by clicking “Convert machine”;
– Select source server (virtual machine on vSphere host);
– Select destination server (same vSphere host, new VM name);
– Select target datastore;- Options: select “Data to copy” and press Edit;


^ you can see the source volume (60 GB) and used space (23,45 GB)


– Select tab “Destination layout”


– Click the “Size/Capacity” dropdown menu and select the new capacity in GB’s.. in my case 40 GB

– Finish the wizard start the V2V process


Once the V2V completed you can power-on the virtual machine.. check the result in Server Manager > Storage > Disk Management:




Note: If the specific virtual machine has a (MAC based) license server role please check the new generated MAC address at the vNIC!!

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4 thoughts on “VMware: Shrink (OS) volume size using VMware Converter

  1. THX for the guide, works fine for me, but now i have a problem:

    Any idea why this won’t work at a Windows Server 2012 guest system?
    I am able to shrink a Windows Server 2008 R2 VMDK file, but with Windows Server 2012 (Same VC, same DS, same DC, same Folder) i wont get the “advanced edit” view for “data to copy”.

    Can’t imagine, that this is a Guest OS limitation?

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