VMware: Top VMware and virtualization blogs 2013.. vote now!!


Eric Siebert from vSphere-Land has made (again) a vote page to vote your personal top 10 VMware related blogs.

VMpros.nl has ended up last year at place #80 (total 187) in the “Top VMware Bloggers 2012”, we also chosen as number #24 (total 33) "Favorite Independent Blogger"

My VMpros top articles over the last 12 months are:

VMware: Call "HostDatastoreSystem.QueryVmfsDatastoreCreateOptions" for object "ha-datastoresystem" on ESXi "SERVERNAME" failed.

VMware: Shrink (OS) volume size using VMware Converter

VMware: Install Dell Equallogic Multipathing Extension (PSP) for vSphere 5.1 with PowerCLI

VMware: Mass change portgroup VM’s in cluster with PowerCLI

VMware: VMware image customization is in progress … every reboot

VMware: ESXi requires the Execute Disable/No Execute CPU feature to be enabled

VMware: Citrix Provisioning Target boot can take more than 5 minutes on vSphere 4.1

VMware: Installation/Upgrade VMware Tools – Red Had Linux Ent. x64

VMware: PHD Virtual Backup and Replication v5.4 review

VMware: Install vSphere 5 update 1 with PowerCLI

Please vote for VMpros at the vSphere-land top blogger contest

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